Welcome to FUNCRYPTA, the tardigrade project funded by the BMBF Framework Programme "Biotechnologie - Chancen nutzen und gestalten", "QuantPro - Quantitative Analyse zur Beschreibung dynamischer Prozesse in lebenden Systemen".

The scientific objectives of FUNCRYPTA are:

(i) to identify genes, enzymes and their products, whose value for stabilizing cells has been documented, on entering, during and after the anhydrobiotic stage in tardigrades,

(ii) to relate known dynamic cellular procedures during the anhydrobiotic stage in order to understand the background of anhydrobiotic changes, and

(iii) to develop mathematical methods to understand and quantify mechanisms, dynamics and driving forces of anhydrobiosis in order to predict changes and to provide a scientific baseline for further investigation and development of products required to stabilize cells.